Think Thrice

Social Activism Organization Concept Idea

Think Thrice’s intention is to inspire viewers to reduce their single-use waste. While some individuals are more waste-conscious, most prioritize convenience over carrying around reusable items or repurposing their waste. Think Thrice is an initiative to let people know that they no longer have a choice; we must “think thrice,” considering reducing, reusing, and recycling, at every point possible. They can do so by requesting that takeout restaurants use as few containers as possible and don’t include condiments, stop bagging their produce at the grocery store (or bring their own bags), buy from companies that use recycled or compostable materials, etc. These changes are promoted by Think Thrice, and individuals’ impact will lead to future waste-reduction and the betterment of our environment as a whole.

Logo Rationale

For this logo system, I wanted to create something that was both eye-catching and bold while also appearing friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This will make the message serious while also drawing people in; making it something they feel passionate about and inclined to wear on their clothing or have on a tote bag. The name implies thinking three times to encourage viewers to consider the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”. For this reason, I have highlighted three R’s to help assist in the viewer’s understanding. I intentionally chose a very green and welcoming color scheme to continue conveying the idea of a green planet and making wise consumer choices. I was very careful to make the spacing between the letters equidistant and for all the R’s to align perfectly. My intention behind this was to minimize as much confusion as possible while also making it more pleasing to the eye. Additionally, the repeated R’s almost imply a sort of motion or direction which adds a second layer of meaning; moving forward to a healthier future through upcycling and recycling items.