Revolutionary Redesign Concept

Sheetz’s new brand direction includes newfound care for the environment and a more personalized and friendly approach to customer interaction. For their new logotype, I have created an alphabetical typeface that is much more organic and playful to help convey the new ideals of the company. Additionally, the S and Z are almost mirror reflections of one another, which when paired with the double Es in the center, create visual balance and a sense of closure. This contributes to the logotype being very easy on the eyes.
The innovations I have proposed for Sheetz can be described as a group of drastic, yet necessary changes that will alter Sheetz for the better. First, electric car charging stations will be implemented. This is an effort to encourage electric car purchases and is a necessary step due to the country’s changing outlook on gas-powered cars. If you are wondering why someone would choose to charge their car at a gas station and not somewhere where they would spend more time, I have an answer for you!
The second innovation to sheets is going to be the café extension. This café will be the new location for their specialty drinks, and offer dine-in options for their food and beverages; this will be paired with ceramic mugs and plates in place of single-use packaging for those who stay at the cafè and do work. To encourage electric car owners to charge at sheets, charging will be free. Additionally, they will have access to one free drip coffee per visit, iced or regular, with cream (if they want it). The café portion will be very reminiscent of trendy cafés that students and adults choose to do homework and work remotely in today. The café will have designated baristas and will also help lighten the load of the orders flooding through the food side of the store. With all this in mind, my touchpoints are EV charging stations, coffee mugs, a rewards keychain, bumper stickers, a tanker truck, and a trendy mural inside the cafè.