SFO Airport Signage

Wayfinding Concept Design

The new wayfinding system I have created for the San Francisco International Airport embodies a more fun and welcoming feeling while simultaneously making it easier to follow directional signs at a glance when navigating the large airport.

Each grouping of gates now has its own color designated to it that appears on directional signs throughout the airport, and on secondary signs that would help guests establish their sense of place. For example, restrooms surrounding the E Gates would be marked with the color assigned to E Gates. Ideally, the colors would also be implemented onto their boarding passes. When guests look at their passes they will now not only see a letter for their gate grouping but also a vibrant color. At a glance, this will make it much easier for guests to quickly decipher which direction they need to travel to get where they need to be. The main purpose for making this change was to break away from the static, black and white design with poor hierarchy that is currently being utilized. Color coding is one way to heighten a guest’s initial understanding of directions and can help lower the amount of time needed for someone’s brain to figure out what they’re viewing.

Additionally, guests whose flights land in SFO will be greeted with these uplifting colors upon arrival, making them feel invited into SFO’s positive environment. To further this sensation I have also created a sign that would be placed somewhere in the catwalk or near the gate doors to welcome visitors to San Francisco as they exit their aircraft and head to their next destination.