App Concept Design

The purpose of this app is for individuals who have specific dietary preferences to be able to easily search for recipes and products that fit specific dietary preferences.

App Description:

If you find yourself struggling to search for recipes and locate products that fit your dietary preferences, MyDish is the app for you! Upon downloading MyDish you will be prompted to share your dietary preferences. This can include something like an allergy or intolerance, a dietary exclusion like veganism or vegetarianism, or even a diet trend like Keto or Paleo! Custom preferences can also be added, so no matter what the request, we’ve got you covered! Once your preferences have been chosen you’ll be able to search and save infinite amounts of recipes and products that cater specifically to you. MyDish also includes a barcode scanning feature to see if a product fits under your dietary preferences, as well as a place to save your favorite recipes for easy access in the future! Life can be difficult, eating shouldn’t be.